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HAJDE is a dream that has originated straight from the hearts of two friends - Ula Basińska and Ola Poławska. One winter evening in 2013 in Saska Kępa in Warsaw, we sat down together at the kitchen table, we took a large sheet of paper and wrote down everything we love. We gave our best. That was the beginning of HAJDE, it was created from the heartfelt need. Our first patterns were sewed with Łucznik “Ewa” sewing machine in Ula’s bedroom in Saska Kępa. It was the first HAJDE’s workshop.

 HAJDE is our lifestyle, this is who we are. Our goal was to create a brand dedicated to those who cherish nature, those whose continuous journey and everlasting curiosity of the world are the way of life.

Ultimately, HAJDE found its magic, fairytale place on the top floor of Dom Zabawy i Kultury DZiK, prewar villa in Mokotów. Everything is crafted here. This place is both our workshop and store. We hand cut, sew, we pay attention to every single detail. There’s nothing accidental in our designs, everything happens for a reason. Everything has its function, without unnecessary elements or impractical solutions. We focus on simplicity, quality and perfect, Polish craft. As a few on the market, we use exclusively natural materials such as linen, hemp, cotton, wood and metal. Our products often feature unique materials - like Scottish kilts or Nepalese hand-made textiles.

Word HAJDE is not accidental either. It is an Old-Slavic shout “Come on, let’s go!”, which lives on in our memory thanks to old scout songs and Balkan music.

Our products are inspired by untamed, wild nature. As in nature, every single thing is different and has its own “forest name”. We can find here wolves, bears, but also deer, streams, wind and fogs. We are not even afraid of the strongest equatorial rains, since part of our products is waterproof. The collection features products for those who plan to travel to remote destinations (backpacks, skins and bags) as well as short, everyday destinations (waist bags, wallets, tobacco pockets). Our cult kits have already stolen the hearts of many creative souls. For winter days, we have prepared warm, woolen sweaters and hats, whereas for spring, we are preparing linen dresses and pants!

Let’s go, we will take you to the forest, where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A gust of wind, moss underfoot and the smell of pine – these are our inspirations. Forest is tantamount to an adventure which we step into every day. Come on, join us at our journey!

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